Flavanols Keep Your Arteries Young!

“A man is as old as his arteries,” observed the great English physician Thomas Sydenham more than 300 years ago.  More recently, Harvard Health Watch observed, “Your health is only as good as your arteries, since arteries carry vital oxygen-rich blood to all your body’s tissues”. Today we are fortunate to have scientific studies that… Read more »

Nitric Oxide May Counter COVID-19

(and cocoa flavanols are potent nitric oxide boosters!) Some promising news! The FDA added nitric oxide to its emergency expanded access program for the treatment of COVID-19. And… nitric oxide is being investigated in over a dozen clinical trials for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. That’s good news for FlavaFans – cocoa flavanols are… Read more »

Coming Soon – COSMOS Results!

Harvard Cocoa Flavanol Study Nears Completion Harvard University, 22,000 people, 5 years of daily cocoa flavanols (600mg) and the potential to revolutionize how we view cocoa as a food, medicine and performance booster! That’s COSMOS: a giant study designed to confirm and extend the favorable findings of many smaller studies conducted over the past twenty… Read more »

In Honor of Brain Awareness Month…

…we want to blow your mind! ‘Cause when it comes to cocoa flavanols and their positive impact on brain health, there is LOTS to think about… Cocoa Flavanols Reduce the Risk of Stroke! A review article published in Stroke, the journal of the American Heart Association, titled “Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa and Risk of Stroke”… Read more »

Cocoa Flavanols Fight Fatigue!

Hey FlavaFans, have you noticed an energy boost after your morning FlavaMix or a spring in your step after a 3PM FlavaBar? Turns out science supports your FlavaHabit and cocoa flavanols are helping you crush it everyday! As far back as Aztec Emperor Montezuma II first noted (reigned 1502-1520), “The divine drink builds up resistance… Read more »

Cocoa Flavanols Reduce Blood Sugar and Improve Insulin Sensitivity

For real! Cocoa flavanols have been shown to lower blood sugar levels by an average of more than 10% in multiple well-designed, placebo controlled studies. We all know that too much sugar consumption and high blood sugar are detrimental to our health. In fact, high blood sugar is associated with an increased risk of diabetes,… Read more »

FlavaNaturals, Raynaud’s Association Initiate Study!

FlavaNaturals, along with the Raynaud’s Association, a global leader in Raynaud’s support, education and advocacy, are super excited to announce the initiation of a 4-week observational study of FlavaMix and its impact on patients with Raynaud’s phenomenon. Raynaud’s is a disorder of the small blood vessels that causes your body’s extremities — typically fingers and… Read more »

Nature’s Delicious Mood Booster!

Feeling stressed these days? Well, here’s a bit of good news – natural cocoa flavanols in dark chocolate and cocoa powder have been scientifically shown to boost mood and reduce stress! A recent study published in the journal Antioxidants showed a meaningful 29% reduction in cortisol levels (‘the stress hormone’ found in our adrenal glands)… Read more »

Introducing FlavaCare

Hi FlavaFriends, We are pleased to announce FlavaCare — free FlavaNaturals care packages for those negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Our hearts go out to everyone who is hurting right now. So we’re going to start gifting 10 FlavaCare packages every week through the end of April. Here’s how the program works. If you… Read more »

Immunity and Flavonoids

Immunity is sure on top of all of our minds these days! And I am sure you have heard sage advice about getting proper sleep, exercising regularly, and hand washing. But did you know that flavonoid rich fruits and vegetables can also help stave off upper respiratory infections from viruses? In fact, a review article… Read more »

Chocolate Meditation by Peter Franklin

Peter Franklin is the founder and Chief Mindfulness Guy of Mindful Educator.  Mindful Educator delivers mindfulness training, consulting, and practical workshops for educational and business leaders, as well as individuals, who desire less stress, anxiety, and fear, and increased productivity and happiness. Peter also happens to love FlavaBars! This 4 and a half minute meditation… Read more »

Meet Olympic Rowing Hopeful, Alex Spaulding!

All-American, U23 World Champion Alex Spaulding is a proud member of the Women’s US Rowing team and is training intensely for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Alex takes performance nutrition seriously and starts every day with a cup of coffee boosted with FlavaMix! We had the opportunity to speak with Alex about rowing and nutrition and… Read more »

5 Flavanol Studies to Watch from Harvard, Stanford, Columbia and More in 2020!

We’re talking game-changers, and the findings are expected as soon as 2020! Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia researchers, just to name a few, are further exploring well-documented cocoa flavanol benefits on memory and cardiovascular function, while also breaking new ground in the areas of Raynoud’s Phenomenon, post surgical recovery, and athletic performance. Harvard University: Cardiovascular Health,… Read more »

What do Chocolate, Spinach & Carrots Have in Common?

A carrot from one farm may have up to 90X the antioxidants as a similar looking carrot from another farm. And the variation for spinach can be even greater, according to a ‘jaw dropping’ new study conducted by the Bionutrient Food Association (see the full study report here). Sound familiar? We know that flavanol antioxidant… Read more »

FlavaFriend Profile: Diane Rhodes

As an entrepreneur and a teacher, Diane needs to be at her best everyday. Since incorporating FlavaMix Unsweetened Drinking Chocolate into her diet, Diane reports, “I am able to remember my students’ names more quickly!” We love when our FlavaFriends share these stories! Here’s a bit more from our chat…    Hi Diane! Can you… Read more »

FlavaMix Receives Olympic Medal!

FlavaMix Drinking Chocolate has been awarded an Olympic medal… By Rod Dixon, that is! Olympic Medalist and New York City Marathon winner Rod Dixon is one of the greatest distance runners of all-time. And our newest FlavaFan! We were beyond thrilled to meet Rod when he stopped by the FlavaNaturals booth at the Falmouth Road… Read more »

Taking A Bite Out of Stress

Work, kids (okay, or parents!), relationships, bills…sometimes life can be a lot! Need to de-stress? Have some dark chocolate! Seriously, we’re not kidding! A new study published in Antioxidants shows a 29% reduction in cortisol, the hormone our brains trigger from our adrenal glands in response to stress, following four weeks of high-flavanol chocolate consumption. It’s… Read more »