Tech Mogul’s Anti-Aging ‘Project Blueprint’ Leverages Cocoa Flavanols!

Imagine turning back your biological clock, boosting your physical performance and health, to levels you enjoyed 10 to 20 years ago. Does that sound too sci fi? In fact it just might be possible! And including cocoa flavanols daily seems to be an important variable in this new longevity equation.

Bryan Johnson, the 45 year-old Tech VC giant behind the $800 million Braintree/Venmo start up, is the world’s foremost biohacker. He’s the founder of Project Blueprint, a $2 million/year anti-aging program. Though Blueprint, Bryan reports that he’s reversed his biological age, and now has the heart of a 37-year-old and the lung capacity of an 18-year-old. Not bad!

Of course, though we’re fascinated, we probably wouldn’t be blogging about this if Johnson’s science-based Blueprint longevity diet didn’t smartly include 500mg of cocoa flavanols daily! In addition to nutrition, optimizing sleep and exercise are also pillars of Project Blueprint.

How exactly does he do it? Bryan wakes at 5:00 AM, consumes his daily 2,250 calories by 11:00 AM, and goes to sleep nightly at 8:30 PM. He’s calculated that he eats 70 pounds of vegetables/month! He also avoids salt and added sugar, and takes many supplements. Bryan works out for 45-60 minutes, 7 days/week, often adding basketball, tennis or running on top of his routine 30+ exercises.

While most of us would find 100% compliance with Blueprint protocols challenging, if not unrealistic, enhancing nutrition, sleep performance and exercise are all admirable objectives, and enjoying daily cocoa flavanols is something most FlavaFans have already embraced!