Sports Dietitian Matt Darnell (EXOS/Pittsburgh Steelers) speaks about Flavanols and Exercise Performance

Listen to top Sports Dietitian Matt Darnell answer these questions about leveraging cocoa flavanols among NFL players and how to boost your personal exercise performance (from the Intelligent Medicine Show with Dr. Ronald Hoffman). Matt is the Director of Sports Science at EXOS and previously the Dietitian for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Question 1: Are cocoa flavanols part of your program for NFL football players?

Listen to Matt’s response here (1:11)

Question 2: I’m taking a 25 mile bike ride, should I consume my cocoa flavanols before my ride?

Listen to Matt’s response here (1:19)

Question 3: Does high cacao % translate into high flavanol content?

Listen to Matt’s response here (1:35)