Cocoa for Everyday Heart Health Community Challenge!

We are excited to share that FlavaNaturals is collaborating with WomenHeart and the University of Pennsylvania on a real world test of cocoa flavanols and everyday heart health. 

WomenHeart is the leading heart health advocacy group for Women in the country and has a team of several hundred trained, passionate WomenHeart Champion educators supporting their local communities. 50 WomenHeart Champions are graciously participating in the ongoing Cocoa for Everyday Heart Health Community Challenge.  

Professor Americus Reed of the University of Pennsylvania worked with both FlavaNaturals and WomenHeart on study design and will be taking a lead role with data analysis upon completion.

Study participants are asked to consume one scoop of FlavaMix Performance Cocoa (900mg of cocoa flavanols) daily for four weeks. At the end of each week, participants complete a short survey providing feedback on blood pressure, resting heart rate, daily steps and perceptions of general well being. 

We are incredibly honored to collaborate with the WomenHeart team and look forward to sharing results from the Cocoa for Everyday Heart Health Community Challenge later this year.