FlavaFan Lisa Bentley, 11 time Ironman Champion, speaks to Dr. Ronald Hoffman about The Power of Positive Thinking and Flavanols!

World-class triathletes like Lisa Bentley contend with extreme fatigue, injuries and self-doubt. But few face the remarkable challenge of also overcoming cystic fibrosis, an often-fatal disease that can produce severe breathing issues. Lisa leveraged the power of positive thinking and intense determination to become one of the world’s top ironman triathletes! 
Please enjoy this recording of Lisa on the Intelligent Medicine Radio Show with the renowned Dr. Ronald Hoffman, discussing the power of a positive attitude, nutrition and Lisa’s daily FlavaMix routine. Listen here!

And for more on Lisa, we highly recommend visiting her website at http://www.lisabentley.com/ and reading Lisa’s award winning book, An Unlikely Champion.