How we deliver 5-9X the flavanols of standard chocolate and cocoa powder…


Secret = Bean Sourcing + Minimal Processing

The Most Premium
Cocoa Beans on Earth.

Cocoa flavanol levels in cocoa beans vary widely by country, growing region and farm. Experts speculate that differences may be caused by variation in climate, soil, farming practices and bean. In fact, beans from one cocoa pod may contain up to 10 times the flavanol antioxidants of beans from another pod. That’s why at FlavaNaturals® we meticulously search out only the most premium, high flavanol beans in the world for our products.


Proprietary method of cocoa flavanol preservation.


Cradling every last flavanol

Flavanols are sensitive things and almost completely destroyed by conventional chocolate processing. Preserving them in our chocolate demands delicate handling every step of the way. The extraordinary concentration of cocoa flavanols in FlavaBars® and FlavaMix® is the result of protected and natural methods of cacao bean sourcing, harvesting, fermentation, roasting and handling. This requires searching out the most premium high flavanol beans in the world, partnering with farmers to assure selection of only the best and freshest beans, and maintaining precise control of the fermentation and roasting process to maximize both cocoa flavanols and rich chocolate flavor.

The Flavanol Journey.

Product authenticity.

Carefully selected and tested for optimum flavanol levels so you can be your best self.

Cocoa flavanol concentrations in FlavaNaturals® products were methodically selected based on a review of clinical studies. And our products are precisely tested for both flavanol concentration and flavor. That way we can assure consistency of stated cocoa flavanol levels as well as great taste. And you can be confident of receiving the flavanol concentration that helps you be your best self, everyday!