Chocolate for life®

FlavaNaturals® premium chocolate can be enjoyed as a mouth watering chocolate bar (FlavaBars®) or as a delicious chocolaty drink (FlavaMix®). Your tongue will savor the richness of real chocolate, and your brain and body will celebrate the profound benefits of cocoa flavanols. Enjoy.



Made by nature. Crafted by chocolatiers. Flowing with flavanols.

By sourcing the finest beans on Earth, leveraging the expertise of a world-class chocolatier, and naturally preserving flavanols every step along the way, we proudly offer bars that maximize the “good” in chocolate. Said another way, FlavaBars® transform delicious dark chocolate from a guilty pleasure to a secret weapon that helps you be at your best everyday

FlavaBars® contain 500 mg of cocoa flavanols per bar. FlavaBars® are available in six mouth-watering flavors.

Wow. What a treat.

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A high-achieving chocolate-lover’s dream come true.

You know what it feels like to be at your best. You’re in the zone and on top of your game. FlavaMix® can help you be your best and it comes in the form of a rich, deep chocolaty experience that makes you deliciously happy.

FlavaMix® cocoa powder boost delivers 900 mg of cocoa flavanols with only 35 calories per serving. Enjoy the rich chocolate taste in a variety of ways:

  • Prepare a luscious smoothie
  • Create a decadent hot chocolate or coffee mocha
  • Shake into a refreshing glass of milk
  • Add to a nutritious bowl of oatmeal

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Searching for a gift that is as deliciously decadent as it is good for you? Look no further!

The FlavaNaturals® Gift Sampler contains the FlavaBar® Library Set, Classic Dark Chocolate 10 pack, FlavaMix® Drinking Chocolate, and a FlavaNaturals® BlenderBottle®, all packaged in a natural burlap bag.

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Choose a minimum of $40 of your favorite Flava products to be conveniently delivered to your doorstep monthly. And if you prefer a combination of FlavaBars® and FlavaMix® that is perfectly cacao with us!

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