Performance Chocolate

5-9X the performance fueling cocoa flavanols of a standard dark chocolate bar!


Performance Cocoa Powder with 900mg of Cocoa Flavanols

Striving to be your best? FlavaMix cocoa powder delivers the cocoa flavanol levels proven to promote brain function, improve heart health and support healthy blood sugar.

FlavaMix® is plant based, sugar free and contains only 35 calories per serving. Enjoy the rich chocolate taste in a variety of ways:

  • Prepare a luscious smoothie
  • Stir into a nutritious bowl of yogurt or oatmeal
  • Blend into a performance boosting protein shake
  • Add to your coffee or make a hot chocolate

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FlavaJava and FlavaMilk


Performance Beverages with 600mg of Cocoa Flavanols, 8g of Protein, and low sugar!

Seeking peak performance? FlavaJava and FlavaMilk deliver an amazing 600mg of cocoa flavanols per serving, are plant-based, low in sugar, taste decadently delicious and come in convenient Tetra Paks that need no refrigeration!

Cold brew coffee connoisseurs – we paired our premium cocoa beans with artisan freshly roasted coffee beans from Atomic Coffee Roasters to create FlavaJavathe mocha-iest morning energizer, afternoon pick-me-up, or pre-workout performance boost. With 600mg of cocoa flavanols, 150+ mg of caffeine and 8g of protein there is nothing you can’t achieve!

Chocolate milk lovers – we’re with you! Chocolate milk isn’t just for kids anymore (Though your kids are gonna love our plant-based FlavaMilk™ too) Chocolaty, creamy, and bursting with 600 mg of performance fueling flavanols, FlavaMilk tastes like a treat and elevates your game!

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Made by nature. Crafted by chocolatiers. Flowing with flavanols.

By sourcing the finest beans on Earth and naturally preserving flavanols every step along the way, we proudly offer bars that maximize the “good” in chocolate. Said another way, FlavaBars® transform delicious dark chocolate from a guilty pleasure to a secret weapon that helps you be at your best everyday.

FlavaBars® contain 500 mg of cocoa flavanols per serving, 5X the flavanols of an average dark chocolate bar, and are available in three mouth-watering flavors.

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