5 Reasons Why Cocoa Flavanols BEAT Beets!

OK, we may be a little biased, but comparing the clinical studies, proven benefits and flavor of chocolate vs. beets, it is hard to deny cocoa flavanols BEAT beets!

Why the comparison? Turns out cocoa flavanols and beetroot share a similar mechanism, both boosting nitric oxide. And nitric oxide (a.k.a. the miracle molecule) increases circulation, promotes heart and brain function, and supports exercise performance.   

5 reasons why cocoa flavanols BEAT beets!

  1. Strength of Studies and Data: The quality and quantity of cocoa flavanol studies on cardio performance, brain function and long-term heart health is unmatched. Compelling flavanol studies include the recent 19,000-person, placebo controlled, cardiovascular study (COSMOS) out of Harvard Medical School, multiple cognitive studies from Columbia University and well over a hundred controlled trials from reputable research institutions around the world.
  • FDA Health Claim: On Feb. 3rd, 2023 the FDA approved a qualified health claim stating that “Cocoa Flavanols in High Flavanol Cocoa Powder May Reduce Cardiovascular Disease”.  This type of FDA claim for a food is rare and is a big step forward in recognizing the enormous potential benefits of cocoa flavanols! There is no such FDA claim for beetroot powder.
  • Impact on Artery Flexibility: Cocoa flavanols and beetroot support health and performance by increasing artery flexibility. And although there are no head to head studies, a side by side comparison of 10 independent studies (5 cocoa flavanols, 5 beetroot) suggests that cocoa flavanols increase artery flexibility by as much as 50% more than beetroot.
  • Flavor Profile:  Dark chocolate and cocoa powder vs. beetroot powder. You decide…
  • Recipe Options: Making cocoa powder or beetroot consumption part of your daily routine is key to optimizing health and performance. Cocoa powder can be enjoyed in a variety of ways including smoothies, protein shakes, overnight oats, mixed into yogurt, stirred into coffee etc. Beetroot powder, on the other hand, is less flexible and is frequently consumed with water. 

So enjoy your cocoa flavanols everyday and enjoy the benefits!