4 COSMOS Study Outcomes Call for a Toast!

Let’s drink to a happy and healthy new year (FlavaMix smoothies, that is!).

We talk a lot about performance on this blog, and living your best life, the operative word there being living. Now we have more data that strongly supports how consuming cocoa flavanols daily reduces strokes, major cardiovascular events and even death, drastically!

Findings from compliant participants in the 21,000-person, 3+ years, placebo-controlled COSMOS study by Harvard Medical School rival that of any cardiovascular therapy. Below are 4 striking findings from this group who consumed daily flavanols as instructed:

  • 39% Reduction in cardiovascular death!  This compares favorably with rates observed with statin therapies, the most widely used class of cholesterol lowering agents!
  • 24% Reduction in major cardiovascular events! This suggests 1 in 4 of these life altering events can be avoided by consuming just 500mg of cocoa flavanols daily!
  • 25% Reduction in strokes! is an extraordinary outcome and one that reminds us that flavanol benefits go well beyond the heart, including the brain and the periphery.
  • 18% reduction in all cause death. Wow! Just WOW!

Compliant participants in COSMOS were defined as those who consumed 500mg of cocoa flavanols per day at least 75% of the time. 

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