What do Chocolate, Spinach & Carrots Have in Common?

A carrot from one farm may have up to 90X the antioxidants as a similar looking carrot from another farm. And the variation for spinach can be even greater, according to a ‘jaw dropping’ new study conducted by the Bionutrient Food Association (see the full study report here).

Sound familiar?

We know that flavanol antioxidant levels in cocoa beans also vary widely by country, region and farm. Experts explain that these differences are caused by variation in climate, soil, farming practices, and bean strain.

That’s why at FlavaNaturals we source beans from just a handful of farms in South America that are able to consistently produce cocoa beans with outstanding flavor and extraordinarily high flavanol levels.

We applaud the Bionutrient Food Association for their efforts to increase awareness of nutrient variation in food supply, inform farmers on how to produce a nutrient rich crop, and provide consumers the tools to select nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.

This is no easy task! But measuring the vast nutritional differences in our food supply and increasing awareness of the problem (or as we like to think about it – the opportunity) is an important first step!