FlavaMix Receives Olympic Medal!

FlavaMix Drinking Chocolate has been awarded an Olympic medal…

By Rod Dixon, that is! Olympic Medalist and New York City Marathon winner Rod Dixon is one of the greatest distance runners of all-time. And our newest FlavaFan!

Rod, #688, at 1972 Olympic 1500M Final

We were beyond thrilled to meet Rod when he stopped by the FlavaNaturals booth at the Falmouth Road Race last month. We’re in awe of Rod both as an athlete, and as a champion of children around the world. Rod’s current project, KIDSMARATHON.com, deserves a medal for its huge strides in teaching and motivating children to eat well and be active.

Rod on the left, FlavaNaturals Founder Alan Frost on the right

Rod left our booth with a healthy supply (pun intended!) of Blueberry Green Tea Matcha and Pure Cocoa Nib FlavaBars, as well as a pouch of FlavaMix. We knew Rod enjoyed tasting the samples at the booth but were blown away to get his email with pic saying “giving you an Olympic Medal for the product”! Thanks so much, Rod, we are honored!

Check out all Rod’s doing at KIDSMARATHON.com, and check out Rod’s “special mix with Yogurt” too!