FlavaFriend Profile: Diane Rhodes

As an entrepreneur and a teacher, Diane needs to be at her best everyday. Since incorporating FlavaMix Unsweetened Drinking Chocolate into her diet, Diane reports, “I am able to remember my students’ names more quickly!”

We love when our FlavaFriends share these stories! Here’s a bit more from our chat…   

Hi Diane! Can you give us a glimpse into your busy life in Denver, CO?

I’m a busy mother of a teenager (and sometimes of a husband). We have two businesses – a language school and a tutoring school – and I also teach Computer Science classes at a local community college.

We live in the suburbs outside of Denver (but I am a native of the Bronx!)

How did you hear about FlavaNaturals? 

We were listening to Sirius XM radio on a long drive back to Denver from the mountains. The Founder of FlavaNaturals, Alan, was being interviewed. I enjoyed learning about the history and the science behind the product, and its benefits!

How do you #HavaFlava?

I’ve been putting FlavaMix cocoa in my morning coffee and I find I no longer need to add milk or a creamer. Since using FlavaMix, I feel that I can remember my students’ names more quickly. As Dale Carnegie said “The sweetest thing a person can hear is the sound of his own name.” 

My attitude toward nutrition is everything in moderation although I gravitate towards a Mediterranean diet. So my approach is two-fold: 1) Everything in moderation 2) Eat what you like and refer to #1.