An Interview with Taylor Reid, World-Class Professional Triathlete and FlavaFan

Taylor Reid is a professional Triathlete from Ontario, Canada competing at the highest level all over the world. Just last week Taylor finished 2nd in the prestigious Traverse City Ironman Triathlon in Michigan!

We had the opportunity to chat with Taylor about triathlons, life with dyslexia, nutrition and cocoa flavanols. We are excited to share his story and insights with the FlavaNaturals Community!

1. Taylor, please tell us about your most meaningful accomplishments and goals as a professional triathlete.

There have been a few defining moments in my professional triathlon career so far but my most meaningful accomplishment has to be my first professional victory in St. Andrews New Brunswick in 2015. Winning my first race in Canada was so sweet but what made it extra meaningful was that my parents were also racing the same race. So after I had won the race I got to give them their finisher medals and share the moment with them. 

My short-term goals for this year will be to win another Ironman 70.3, I am targeting Ironman Xi’an as a possible race to win. I am also putting a lot of time and energy into preparing for my first full Ironman race in Florida on November 2. I will be aiming for the podium there for sure. When it comes to longer-term goals I will be working towards qualifying for the Ironman world Championship in Kona and placing in the top 10.

2. How has dyslexia helped shaped your approach to sport and to life?

Being dyslexic has shaped who I am as a person and an athlete. It helped me understand the value of hard work and delayed gratification. I also believe that sport had a positive effect on how I handled my learning challenges. In university, I developed the skills needed to excel in the classroom through my dedication to triathlon. I chose history, one of the hardest fields of study for myself, as it revolved entirely around memorization and writing. But I loved the subject just as much as I loved my sport, and I was able to put all the skills I had developed in Triathlon into getting my degree. Triathlon helped me with my work ethic, time management and self-esteem.  Essentially, triathlon helped me develop as a person, achieve my degree and overcome dyslexia.

3. What is your philosophy on nutrition as it pertains to health and performance?

I have simple philosophy when it comes to nutrition, ‘moderation in all things, even moderation.’ This really means that if I have a craving for something like chocolate I am going to eat it but just not too much. I think that if you have a craving it probably is because your body needs it. Also when it comes to triathlon nutrition I am burning so many calories each day that I am just trying to replace what I have lost. I just try to eat a little of everything to make sure I give my body what it needs.

4. Tell us about your experience with FlavaNaturals – how do you like to #havaflava?

Personally my favorite way to enjoy FlavaNaturals is by having a nice FlavaBar after a long days work. Probably my favorite flavor is Roasted Almond + Himalayan Pink Salt. But when it comes to daily use I love putting the cocoa FlavaMix into all my smoothies it just adds such a rich flavor to them and has the added benefit antioxidants and so much more.


Photography by Paul Higgins