An Interview with Angela Myers, 8th fastest 400m masters woman in the world and author of Living Younger!

Superwomen Angela Myers does it all! She’s a renowned life coach, the 8th fastest woman in the world (masters 400 meter dash), the author of Living Younger, and a huge FlavaFan!

We had a chance to sit down with Angela and are excited to share part of her story along with some of her tips for living younger…

What inspired you to become a Life Coach?

I have always enjoyed helping people, and early on developed a relentless pursuit to help my clients reach their personal goals. I started out with a social work degree, and practiced for a few years, and then spent over a decade in fitness/wellness. In addition to personal training I started/operated my own fitness business, and incorporated nutrition coaching, life coaching, and several other continuing ed certificates to round out my practice for my clients.

Tell us about your approach to ‘elevating people’ and why so many people view you as an expert in the field?

Through life coaching I’m able to use my life learning’s to address each of my clients as a whole human (mind, body, spirit). Which means they start feeling great inside and out! Since I have a deep understanding of the human body, and the way it responds to nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, etc., I can identify and appreciate physiological factors that are keeping someone from their best life. With my study of human behavior/motivation, I can engage the mind with cognitive-behavioral approaches. And with my understanding of our emotional/spiritual state of being, I can help people find their highest self using spiritual principles such as healing, love, and high-energy vibrations.

Photo: Dave Albo

Living Younger is a treasure that everyone should read. What are the most important takeaways you hope readers embrace?

You are responsible for your aging process! When we stop seeing ourselves as a victim to our ailments or age, and take responsibility for all the factors we can control, we reclaim great personal power! We can control how much/what type of movement we do. We can control what we eat. We can control how much sleep we get. We can control our attitude and life outlook. The more energy we spend on these actionables, the greater life experience we receive in return. In the book I spell out 5 key areas of personal responsibility – movement, nutrition, mindset, lifestyle, and emotional/spiritual vitality – and share what you can do to improve your own aging experience!

What’s your general philosophy on nutrition as it pertains to health, vitality and athletic performance?

My nutrition philosophy is simple, yet it takes intentionality to follow in our American culture: eat food that was created by the earth and exists in a natural state of life! The earth gives us a beautiful and tasty variety of foods that provides deep nourishment. The majority of these foods contain antioxidants, which are the ‘fountain of youth’! All plant foods (seeds, nuts, beans, roots, veggies, fruits, unprocessed grains, etc.) and all pure, organic, wild/free-range animal muscle (fish, fowl, mammal, etc) will give life to your body!

The reason I support Flavanaturals for health and vitality is that FlavaMix and FlavaBars provide high doses of naturally occurring antioxidants along with very few other ingredients, all of which are natural!

Tell us about your views on cocoa flavanols, and how you like to #HavaFlava!

My favorite FlavaBar is the Roasted Almond + Himalayan Pink Salt bar, with a little bit of natural nut butter spread on it! It’s a delicious, nutritious snack full of quality fats that keeps me full for a few hours 🙂 I also love to mix FlavaMix with 1 cup of black coffee, some milk, chia seeds, and protein powder for a power packed smoothie.

Photo: Michele Quigley