Why This Graph Should Make You Really Happy!

Okay, like most of you, I consume Flava to be my best everyday, whether on my bike, writing a business plan, or hanging out with family, and because I love chocolate!

But this chart from the Harvard COSMOS study shows that daily cocoa flavanols may also help you live longer.

In fact, this data shows a 27% reduction in death from cardiovascular disease, and jumps to 39% among participants taking 500mg daily as directed in the study!

The good news does not stop there. Geek out for a minute with me and take a close look at this graph.

Cumulative Rates of Cardiovascular Death in the Cocoa Extract and Placebo Group

You got it – the benefit of daily cocoa flavanols appears to be building over time! This suggests that the benefit at five, ten and twenty years may be far greater than the already striking 27% reduction over 3.5 years! (The difference between the cocoa flavanol group (in red) and placebo group (in black) is otherwise known as the net benefit

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. In this case, we think it’s worth about a 1,000,000!