Sensational Pairings. Taste Buds and Ear Buds.

Chocolate, The 1975

Hey now, we have to start the list with “chocolate” – the song, the treat, The 1975 and forever.   Listen to Chocolate. Eat chocolate. Rewind. No need to ever quit chocolate.

33 “GOD”, Bon Iver

According to Aztec legends, chocolate was a gift of the Gods. Another gift came on April 30, 1981 – Justin Vernon, who performs as Bon Iver.

Strawberry Fields Forever, The Beatles

Who doesn’t like Strawberries dipped in chocolate? A classic pairing. Fun fact, cocoa pods are also considered a fruit.

You Want It Darker, Leonard Cohen

You might have expected Hallelujah to be paired with chocolate, but The New York Times named “You Want it Darker” as number two of “25 songs that TELL US WHERE MUSIC IS GOING” “It is the title track of Cohen’s final studio album. “ The song is best paired with a dark, high percent cacao chocolate.

No Woman, Whitney

Listen, watch the video and eat chocolate. The song and video are hauntingly delicious and also pair well with a dark earthy chocolate on a rainy day.

Black Beatles, Rae Sremmurd

Instead of the manikin challenge, try the “put chocolate in your mouth and let it melt for 30 seconds” challenge. Professional chocolate tasters let chocolate melt almost completely in their mouth before chewing. Savor the taste and experience of chocolate while you freeze frame to this iconic song.

Gyal You A Party Animal, Charly Black

Break out some chocolate and this fresh dancehall jam when you want to get moving on the dance floor, a spin bike or elliptical machine.

Cranes in the Sky, Solange

There are many ways to get through transitions. When times get tough, listen it away. And have a bite or drink of chocolate and chocolate it away.

Ain’t it a Sin, Charles Bradley

Well the good thing is that chocolate is not a sin! It’s a delicious blessing just like Charles Bradley.

Let It Happen, Tame Impala

Chocolate and Tame Impala everyday? Yes, let it happen! Just as you can never get enough chocolate, you can never get enough Tame Impala. More music (and chocolate), please!