Immunity and Flavonoids

Immunity is sure on top of all of our minds these days!

And I am sure you have heard sage advice about getting proper sleep, exercising regularly, and hand washing. But did you know that flavonoid rich fruits and vegetables can also help stave off upper respiratory infections from viruses?

In fact, a review article of 14 controlled clinical trials published in ‘Advances in Nutrition’, a well-regarded international journal, found a 33% reduction in upper respiratory tract infections among groups supplementing their diet with high amounts of flavonoids, a broad class of antioxidants, including cocoa flavanols, found in fruits and vegetables. The study also revealed a 40% reduction in sick days.

Foods loaded in flavonoids include broccoli, kale, spinach, citrus fruits, apples, red wine, tea and, of course, flavanol-rich dark chocolate and cocoa powder.

And don’t forget cocoa flavanols can also help lower stress and elevate mood – we can all use a little of that these days.

Eat well and stay strong!

The Flava Team