FlavaNaturals, Raynaud’s Association Initiate Study!

FlavaNaturals, along with the Raynaud’s Association, a global leader in Raynaud’s support, education and advocacy, are super excited to announce the initiation of a 4-week observational study of FlavaMix and its impact on patients with Raynaud’s phenomenon.

Raynaud’s is a disorder of the small blood vessels that causes your body’s extremities — typically fingers and toes — to feel both numb and cold, and sometimes turn white or even blue, in response to low temperatures and stress. Raynaud’s is very prevalent, affecting five percent of the population or more, the majority of whom are women.

The favorable impact of cocoa flavanols on circulation, as well as anecdotal reports of effectiveness, has spurred significant interest in studying flavanols for Raynaud’s phenomenon. In fact, a placebo-controlled study of 30 Raynaud’s sufferers is already underway at Nottingham University in the UK (see this post on 2020 studies to watch).

For our observational study, 35 participants will consume a daily packet of FlavaMix (900mg cocoa flavanols) either in one serving or split into two. At the completion of the fourweek trial, each participant will complete a questionnaire assessing the impact on their Raynaud’s symptoms and their overall experience with FlavaMix.

Study results should be available by end of May and we can’t wait to see them! Our hope is that cocoa flavanols can provide some meaningful relief to the Raynaud’s community.