FlavaMix Lowers Blood Sugar!

Growing evidence that flavanols lower blood sugar and improve insulin resistance is so compelling that we are adding this claim directly on our new FlavaMix canister. 

Four well-controlled studies of cocoa flavanols (500-1,000mg daily) show that cocoa flavanols lower blood sugar and improve insulin resistance! In fact, they show an average reduction in glucose of over 10% and an average improvement in insulin resistance of nearly 40%!  

Research at Brigham Young University by Dr. Jeffery Tassem also suggests that flavanols help the body release more insulin. According to Tassem, “flavanols could one day be leveraged as a treatment for type 2 diabetic patients.”

Flavanols exert their benefits on blood sugar by improving endothelial function and blood flow. In essence, improved blood flow leads to better glucose delivery and uptake by your muscles. 

Yet another great reason (as if you need one 😉) to indulge daily in the chocolatey goodness of FlavaMix. #havaflava!