FlavaMix 10 Day Challenge Results Exceed Expectations!

The FlavaMix 10 Day Challenge results are in, and we are wow’ed!

87% of FlavaMix 10 Day Challenge participants reported that FlavaMix helped them feel their best more often!

81% thought FlavaMix helped them feel more effective at everyday activities, including exercise!

77% found that FlavaMix helped them feel more effective at work!

✔ And an astonishing 87% responded that they would recommend FlavaNaturals to a friend!

These are just a few of the survey responses we’ve received from 10 Day Challenge participants.

Participants in the 10 Day Challenge added FlavaMix Drinking Chocolate to their daily diet for 10 consecutive days and then responded to a brief survey. Their findings exceeded our wildest expectations, but actually make sense when you consider the many placebo-controlled studies demonstrating improved brain function, cardiovascular health and exercise performance! (Read more about the benefits of cocoa flavanols here.)

Each delicious serving of FlavaMix contains an amazing 900mg of cocoa flavanol antioxidants, 8X the flavanols of a typical cocoa or cacao powder. Additionally, while there are absolutely benefits to just one serving, these benefits build significantly with daily consumption. 

Sign up for the 10 Day challenge today if you have not already done so!

Chocolate was your weakness. With FlavaNaturals, it’s your strength. See for yourself!